Services & Products

We have 15 axe throwing lanes, each holding up to six throwers. Lane rentals are for an hour and a half, and come with an axe master that teaches you and your friends how to safely hold and throw the axe, and all the different games you can play!  The axe master is there as needed throughout your experience.

We charge $25.00 a person to throw, up to $125.00 a lane.  That means the sixth person is free! For multi-lane needs, we charge $100 a lane for the same experience.  As always, our indoor cornhole and foosball are included with this!

If you are short on time, or just need to quickly get some pent-up aggression out, we offer a quickthrow! This is a thirty minute session and costs just $15.00!


We do not serve food, but we allow you to bring in whatever you would like!  From pizzas to picnics and everything in between, we have seen it all!  We have large party tables you can utilize as well as the lane table each lane has.  We just ask that you clean up after yourselves!

We do not allow outside beverages in, but we do serve an assortment of beers, ciders, and malt beverages, as well as Coke products!


Please remember to bring closed toe shoes!!! No sandals, flip-flops, or any other type of shoe where the toes are exposed are allowed!


Kids are welcome!  We do not have an age limit, only an ability limit.  We recommend 12 and up, but if they are able to safely throw the axe, we'll let them throw!  If they aren't able to, we have plenty of other activities to keep them entertained!


We require all throwers to sign a waiver.  You can find the waiver here on our site or you can sign when you come in to throw!  We have three stations set up for your convenience.  All minors need to have a parent or guardian to sign a waiver for them in person.  Online minor submissions without a guardian present when throwing will not be allowed.


We look forward to seeing you guys soon!  Feel free to reach out to us through the contact form, through our Facebook page, or simply stop by or call us at (816)415-2489 (CHUX)