Think you have the best throw around?

Step up and prove it! We are Kansas City’s ONLY MATL (Missouri Axe Throwing League) affiliate. This is our own league structure that profits off no one and actually helps our industry thrive. Luigi’s brother only wish’s they were as cool! Woodchux hosts weekly competitive axe throwing league play, and you can join!

Our League Play has been featured locally on TV, and is the only way to get to that spot on national webcasting for the next championship! We run our leagues concurrent with the MATL schedule, but we will also have open tournaments throughout the year! (Discount admission to current league members!)

We meet every week during league season. It’s a fun weekly stress reliever and builds a great camaraderie among your neighbors and friends!

Join us and see if you have the chops to make it to championships.

    Current League Session Info:

    – Summer 2023 League Play begins soon.

    – League Play runs for 8 weeks

    – League members receive: – Free Weekly Practice Passes – Free Drink Tokens – 25% Off Any Pro Shop Merchandise – League & Tournament Winner Prize Packages

    – It costs $120 to sign up (Just $15 a Week!)

    Let Us Know If You Are You Ready For Battle!

    I’m Interested In League Play